45 Days and Counting!

     Less than two months before I head nearly 1000 miles north to Bismarck, ND to start my internship with the State Historical Society of North Dakota on June 9th. I will be working the Jenny Yearous in the collections department as the collections technician intern. While there I will be helping accessioning, cataloging and other registration activities, as well as help in the movement of artifacts into a new storage area. For a special project, I will create and design a “recent” acquisitions case. The skills I have acquired over the last two semesters will be put to the test as I complete this exciting opportunity. 


     I’m super excited for this move. I have never been to North Dakota, and because of budget concerns, my move into my new apartment will be the first time I’ve ever been to the area. I’m pretty nervous, but the details are all coming together. I got word last week that I do indeed have an apartment, so I won’t be living out of my car for the next six months. While I will miss home, I can’t wait to get out of Illinois and stretch my wings. It will be weird though when it becomes August of 2014 and for the first time in 18 years I will not be getting ready for another year of school. 


  I will update again as soon as I’m settled up north!


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