Have You Heard of Section 106

We had many readings and class discussions related to Section 106 during the H.A. school year. Before that, I had only briefly seen it while archiving documents related to the process. However, since arriving at GRTE, I have sat in on many discussions related to Section 106. I even got to participate in Section 106 Happy Hour Week, which occurred during July.

Section 106 Happy Hour Week connected NPS employees throughout the Intermountain Region with the partners who facilitate the documentation process. It was so interesting to hear the subtle differences from state to state. Unfortunately, the state of Wyoming was unable to led one of the webinars.


The coming weeks are going to fly by as I and my fellow classmates finish up at our internship sites. During the weekend of September 5-7, I will be helping with an oral history project called the White Grass Heritage Project: Sharing Your Legacy. Not only will I help record the interviews but I also will be a representative for the museum, giving information and paperwork to anyone looking to donate their photos and artifacts to the park’s museum. To learn more about the historic White Grass Ranch, please click below.

History of the White Grass Ranch

Construction at White Grass Ranch

Construction at White Grass Ranch


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