Holding Down the Fort

Well, here I am in Charleston….still

This HA Coffee Addict gets to stay put for the summer and work at the Tarble Arts Center!  However, it is not all work and no play at the Tarble–

Picture 5

For my internship I am acting as the “Assistant Registrar” for all temporary art exhibits this summer (and getting things ready for early fall exhibitions)- I get to continue to be the emo art lover!  At last I am behind the scenes where I belong.

In order to keep the “curatorial” and “marketing” skills I learned in the HA program sharp, I will also be acting as the Social Media Guru (yes that should be an actual job title).  In this role I will be managing all of the Tarble’s social media accounts, and starting a Tumblr blog where I will be selecting specific pieces from the Tarble’s permanent collection to research and write about.


Picture 1Picture 4Picture 2Picture 3

Don’t fret- I will continue to update all of you on important Charleston gossip (I mean important museum related things happening here over the summer)- stay tuned!


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