Double Duty

Yes, I think I may be crazy.  Or perhaps this decision will prove to be genius, only time will tell.  All of you 2014-15 HAs remember our dear professor Mike Jackson right?


no no no- not that one (sorry I couldn’t resist)

Our former professor Mike Jackson, Illinois’ premiere Historic Preservation expert, offered me an archival internship with one catch – I had to do it this summer!  So I decided to pull double duty and get my internship requirements done in record time.  This week I went to Springfield to the Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) for training.  I got MORE scanning training, Library Science training, and book conservation training.


My colleague Emily should appreciate this shot…I am trying to compete with you for the title of Scanning Queen 😉


For practice I performed minor book surgery-

My internship is the result of a grant from the family of Robert Vale Cole Jr. (an Illinoisan architect).  It is their wish to make his vast collection of early 20th century architecture books available online for public access.  Luckily, 70% of this work will be done from my home office- using flex time.  So my friends, that is how one can work 80 hours per week!  I will be splitting my time at the Tarble and doing work for the APT.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.13.11 AM

here is the link to the Building Technology Heritage Library if you are so inclined to see what I have been doing-

This internship will also involve some travel- as I will be going with Mike to San Antonio Texas sometime this summer to acquire more historically important trade catalogs to scan.  So stay tuned to see how frazzled this HA Coffee Addict will get by August!


Here is the before image of me (now while I am still calm).


…and after- in August when I am completely frazzled and zombie-like.


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