The Smallest Places Provide The Biggest Opportunities

School is out but the work does not stop! I have recently started my internship at the Missouri Civil War Museum, and in that short amount of time I have done so much. Almost every day I get to experience or learn something new. This museum officially opened in early 2013 and is located in Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO. The number of patrons entering the building is booming. Every time I check on a visitor they have nothing but wonderful comments about the museum, and how they cannot wait to return.


In just a few weeks of working at the Missouri Civil War Museum I have completed jobs in multiple areas, such as collections care, visitor engagement, and much more.  My primary duties for this internship are inventorying existing collections in the museum’s current computer software, exhibit fabrication, interacting with visitors, and merchandise sales and inventory.

This journey has started full speed ahead! During the past couple of weeks I have completed many collections care tasks, such as cleaning, re-packaging, and moving artifacts from one storage area to another. I am excited to be back in my niche of working with collections.


I have handled books from the late 1800s and uniforms from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. In addition, I have conducted research on a 1890s Kimball parlor organ and multiple firearms.20150617_110731

(uniforms that range from Civil War to the Vietnam War)


( 1890s Kimball Parlor Organ used at Jefferson Barracks)

In addition, I am gaining experience in a different area of the museum world, which is the operations side of things. I have conducted multiple merchandise inventories, inputted new memberships into the computer system, booked school and organization groups for staff guided tours and educational programming, closing the museum, and other operation-related tasks.

In the next few weeks I will assist in setting-up a new gallery exhibit on the lower level of the museum as well as switching out artifacts in the main gallery. In addition, I will begin my special project of cataloging the Missouri Civil War Museums collections into a new Past Perfect software.

This internship is starting out fantastic and I cannot wait to see what other opportunities come my way. Stay tuned for more updates.


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