Emerging from the Forest

The last few months have been incredible. It is hard to believe that my first internship is done and I will soon begin my second internship. I will really miss the forest preserve, but I am thankful for all of the opportunities I had.

Two weeks ago my boss and I co-presented two presentations about the early history of the DuPage County Forest Preserve. As this was my special project, Chris had me develop the presentation and present a majority of it. Our presentation was videotaped and available on YouTube, check it out!

The remainder of my internship was spent compiling, organizing, and articulating all of the research I did this summer. As a result of my research we have compiled almost an additional 600 documents to add to his vertical files on the history of the forest preserve district and each preserve. During my last week I worked non-stop on blog posts for their district’s Stories for 100 Years blog. I had the opportunity to write six posts about the role of women in the creation of our district, the Prairie Club of Chicago, Chance Hill, Fullersburg Woods, some mysterious Barracks, and my top 10 stories and sources.

The first of my blog posts was launched today and can be read on the districts page for the blog.

I hope everyone is enjoying their internships and I look forward to more blog posts about all of the fun and exciting things you are all doing. Over the next few weeks I will be doing some museum work and taking a vacation to visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village!


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