Surveys, Tea Parties and Learning: Month Two at the Molly Brown House Museum

In the second month of my internship I have been building on the work I did in the first month by taking on a few new things.

I have spent another day conducting expectations versus experience surveys. I have also conducted surveys to find out what visitors would like to learn about the servants who worked for Margaret Brown. I’ll continue to do this for the rest of the summer with a goal of surveying 50 visitors per week.


Surveys ready to be filled out.

Soon the museum will be making some changes, among these is the restoration of the third floor of the house as a place to use for talking about the servants who lived and worked in the house.

In addition to surveys I have started presenting programs oriented at younger audiences. So far I have given one tour and conducted a few programs. One of the programs is meant to teach children manners in the setting of a tea party, while the other uses Lincoln Logs and Legos to teach them the principles of historic preservation.


Tea party set up on the third floor.

Conducting these programs has been a learning experience for me, as I have no training in elementary education. Despite this, I am using these programs as an opportunity to build the skills I will need over the next few months. I have been trying to find information about how to teach children, and of course ask questions when I run into challenges. However, it is likely that most of the growth will come from practice and becoming more comfortable working with younger kids.

I have also continued working on the education program I am creating. While I am still doing some research, the focus of my work is now on the particulars of the program. I am working on the structure and content of the program. I have also been looking for tangible objects that represent each culture discussed for the children to interact with.

Part of the work for developing the program includes narrowing down the cultures to discuss. Because Margaret Brown visited so many places, and the program is only an hour in length, I chose nine cultures for their importance in Margaret’s life and the variety of the cultures. The program will highlight two US sub-cultures (mining camps and suffragettes) and seven foreign cultures (Egypt, Italy, France, India, Japan, Ireland and Russia).

I am looking forward to learning more as the year progresses.


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