Au revoir Degas, le Tarble & Charleston…un clou chasse l’autre!

Well my HA friends, it has been real.  As my new friend Edgar Degas said:


Ah oui Monsieur Degas!

If we switch out the word “art” for the word “accomplishments”…

I have managed to accomplish approximately 900 hours of work this summer!  To summarize, this entailed:

  • the completion of 3 major archival projects for APT, involving hundreds of publications–including one large collection in West Texas
  • acting as Assistant Registrar at the Tarble- communicating with an artist to arrange transport, insurance, and negotiate terms for a temporary loan for his incoming fall exhibit, AND I was assigned as the “lead” to check in the Degas exhibit
  • assisted in recording an audio tour for the Degas exhibit
  • completed a “backlog” accessions project, filled out catalogue worksheets, entered items onto Omeka, completed condition reports, artist and donor files, and marked the artwork
  • I continued as Project Coordinator for the Cultivating Creativity Traveling Exhibit, and…
  • I worked in the gallery at the Tarble- handling general operations and day-to-day tasks.

This expresses exactly how I feel after three months.

But alas, all this hard work was not in vain- the wonderful staff at the Tarble trusted me to handle many things, and their confidence in me was a great boost to my self esteem.  I finally felt like I could actually be a “Museum Professional”.  I certainly value all that EIU, Mike Jackson, and the staff at the Tarble has taught me- I would not be able to list those accomplishments without them!  Au revoir!


One of my more challenging Degas sketches to condition report. It was a terrible example of his work, and just between us, I am glad it did not make it into the show.


Three Degas crates, 114 total pieces to process. I ended up having to rewrap and pack up over 20 pieces that did not make the final cut into the show.


I was afraid at first to break one of the antique frames, but I soon became quite adept at cranking out the large volume of pieces.


One of my favorites, a monotype by Degas. It makes me think of how frazzled I feel. Photo Courtesy of Landau Exhibits


HA Coffee Addict signing off! I look forward to seeing everyone at HAPA 2016!


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