Month Three at the Molly Brown House

In the third month of my internship I have continued to work on many of the same things as I have the last few months. I have finished the servant surveys but will continue to survey for other purposes.

I have also been working on my project which has progressed to the point where I have a draft of the script and some options for interactive elements for the program. The script itself is too long for an hour long program, so now comes the point where I need to edit it down. I need to review the content to determine what is most important to meet the program’s educational goals, and remove unneeded details. I also need to work the remaining content into a smooth script.

I have had a couple of experiences outside of the house as well. I attended a local educational fair for social studies teachers along with one of the volunteers who frequently presents education programs. At the fair we talked about the programs that the Molly Brown House offers so that the teachers will be interested in using them in their classrooms.

Earlier this month, I participated in the Thirsty Thursday event, where we discussed notable women in Denver’s history. At the event several people portrayed these notable women and told their stories from a first person point of view. I played Helen Ring Robinson who was the first woman State Senator in Colorado and the second one nationally.

Aside from my personal work there have been a few interesting things going on at the house. The front porch of the house is in need of repairs as the foundation has deteriorated. Another project that will be starting soon is the replacement of the roof on the carriage house. While this work is being carried out there is a board by the entrance of the museum that explains the work being done to visitors.


While this work is being carried out there are fences around the construction area and a temporary staircase set up (the normal one is behind the fencing). The tours have also been rerouted as they normally start on the now closed front porch.


These changes are just the beginning however as the museum plans to renovate the basement for use as an education space. This will free up the third floor which is currently used for this purpose. Once the third floor is free it will be restored and used to interpret more about the house including the stories of some of the servants who lived and worked there.


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