A Journey Builds Inner and Outer Strength

The halfway point is here! I cannot believe that I have been working at the Missouri Civil War Museum for almost three months. Where did the time go? Since my last blog I have been diligently working on my special project, while still devoting time to my primary duties.  Cataloging the museum’s collection into PastPerfect is a lot of fun because I get to see what types of artifacts the museum holds in its collection as well as preserve the information we have on each object in another platform that future staff can use.

However, as we all know with cataloging collections things can be misplaced…..such as paperwork. Making a lot of headway on this special project I have found certain documents are not where they are supposed to be and identifying inconsistencies with the accession numbering system over the years.  I have worked with my supervisor and we are fixing these problems, so that hopefully by the time I leave everything will be cataloged, consistent, and present. Fingers crossed!

The museum has accepted donations since its inception in 2002. I am happy to say that starting with this year and working backwards I am currently cataloging artifacts that were donated in 2006. This bee has definitely been busy.

For me cataloging artifacts is not only fun but rewarding because my work ensures that the museum’s collections are safe and preserved.

In the past few weeks I have also assisted my supervisor and staff installing new artifacts in various exhibits. For instance, in the past week we have completely transformed three exhibit cases in the main gallery. We switched out many artifacts in these cases with others, cleaned them, and re-arranged label cards.

Case 1

Case 3

By the way this week was my first time cleaning various weapons, such as pistols, rifles, and swords.

Since the beginning of my undergraduate career I have loved working with historical collections, and being in the Historical Administration Program and this internship has only intensified that. Both of these amazing opportunities have given me confidence in knowing what I am doing or how to find the answers when it comes to collections management as well as exhibit installation, marketing, and so many other skills.

It is only the halfway mark of my internship but as I take each step down this path my stride becomes stronger and sturdier.


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