Accomplishments Made Experience Gained

There is much activity occurring at the Missouri Civil War Museum. I am excited to say that I have inputted every artifact on the museum’s Deed of Gift records into PastPerfect. This system now has information on each artifact on record starting from the beginning in 2006 through 2015.

My supervisor is currently working to get missing paperwork on certain artifacts and hopefully by the time I leave the information on those missing documents will be put into PastPerfect. It is rewarding to hear from my fellow staff members how significant my special project is to the museum’s record keeping, artifact preservation, and collections management.

My supervisor has diligently over the years taken a photo of each artifact in the museum’s collections. In my last two months at this internship I hope to upload each photo onto the artifact file within PastPerfect. This way the photos are saved and preserved on another platform.

Currently, I have begun inventorying a large portion of the Missouri Civil War Museum’s uniform collection. In addition to making sure every clothing article is accounted for on the museum’s computerized spreadsheet I am checking for manufacturer marks and other identifiable numbers. The columns for these marks on the spreadsheet are blank, so I am looking at each article of clothing to see if there are any markings.


It is like detective work handling these artifacts looking for the hidden inscription!

In addition to these projects I continue to work at the front desk to interact with visitors, inventory gift store merchandise, receive admission as well as cleaning exhibit cases and other daily tasks. The Missouri Civil War Museum is a 501c3 non-profit organization. There are three staff members who work full time at the museum, and now I am the only intern. These day to day tasks are ones that have to be done for the museum to run efficiently, so there are multiple days during the week where I am managing the desk by myself performing these responsibilities while the other staff can work on administrative duties.

Check back to see what happens next in this amazing adventure! 🙂


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