Month Four: Wrapping Things up on the Western Front

At this point I have wrapped up my internship at the Molly Brown House Museum.


During my time here I have worked on surveying visitors on various topics including what they expected of the museum and their experience, what they would like to see after changes are made to the museum and what they thought of the free and photography days.

I also spent time practicing and carrying out some of the existing educational programs, as well as attending local events and meetings. I helped out around the house whenever I could and learned about giving tours of the house and surrounding area. I helped with Thirsty Thursday events at the house and played the part of Helen Ring Robinson, the first female state senator in Colorado.

Most of my time, however, was spent creating a new educational program about world cultures. This program uses various places that Margaret Brown traveled to help teach children the differences between those places and the United States in the early 1900s. The program focuses especially on the lives of families and children. There was a lot of research involved to find out what life was like in those countries at the time, and to express it in a way that schoolchildren will understand. When I left I had finished and timed the script from the program and compared the content to Colorado curriculum standards. I also prepared a list of objects that will be used when the program is presented – these are now being ordered. And a few had arrived before I left.


Now that I am done there I am heading back to the Midwest to look for another place to learn.


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