An Ending To This Chapter…With An Unexpected Twist To The Story

My internship at the Missouri Civil Museum comes to a close today. During these last few weeks I multi-tasked between collections management and administrative duties.

I continued to update PastPerfect artifact files by entering detailed descriptions and condition reports. Paying attention to detail is one of the professional guidelines I learned in all of my courses in the Historical Administration Program, and continue to put into action here at the Missouri Civil War Museum. These sections will assist current and future staff members in identifying and locating artifacts.


Along with updating PastPerfect files I inventoried more of the museum’s Civil War Era currency notes. Throughout this process I identified currency notes that did not possess a Deed of Gift form. My supervisor, Executive Director Mark Trout, found a number of these missing documents for me to enter into the software, and afterwards I placed them in their assigned binder where all of the hard copy forms are located. It is extremely rewarding to know that the staff will use the standardized system I developed within this software as their central collections management system after I leave.


This final week my main task was being responsible for the administrative operations while the rest of the staff worked on restoring the 1918 Jefferson Barracks Post Exchange building next door.

1918 Building

This building will function as place for educational programming, an events center, and library research facility. The Executive Director hopes to open this building to the public in June 2016. With the rest of the staff next door I oversaw the administrative and gift shop desks, conducted merchandise inventories, visitor interaction, and recorded future field trips.


However….my time at the Missouri Civil War Museum is not over. I am still going to volunteer every week until I do not possess the time to do so. I will still complete the same duties assigned to me for this internship. This chapter has ended but the story goes on!



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