Spring On the Ranch

This month has been a busy one on the ranch, with two events in addition to an increase in school programs. The first of these events was Spring Break. This event lasted for an entire week, from Saturday to Saturday (except for the days our park is closed) for the week in which the two local school districts had a holiday break. It also included special events and demonstrations across the park. During Spring Break I split my time between the Davis Mansion and the George Ranch House. I also spent some of the time filling in with a demonstration about plant clipping at the greenhouse on the Davis site because the person originally scheduled to do so was ill.

The second major event that we had was an Easter program that we held on the Saturday before Easter. Much like with the Spring Break event, there were various extra events held across the park. For this day I was stationed at the George Ranch House, mostly giving tours. However, while there I also helped with hiding eggs for the Historic Easter Egg Hunt that was held on the site. For this event we used real hard boiled eggs, several dozen of them.

IMG_2353 copyIMG_2363 copy

In addition to these special events I have continued to help with the historic clothing closet’s inventory and I have worked on my project. For the project this month I was given some research from a long term employee. I have also started to create the website that will be the final form of the collected research and have started putting some basic sources onto it.

This month in collections I did a lot of work for the temporary Visitor Center Exhibit, as part of this I came up with some ideas for objects to add to one of the cases that looked a bit sparse.

IMG_2344 copy

I also continued to work on my project for collections. At this point I have everything in an almost final order with the folders labeled. I still need to go through and scan, photograph and number everything. Today I also worked on making vinyl signs for an upcoming fundraiser for the Fort Bend Museum, which is run by the same organization as George Ranch Historical Park.

IMG_2378 copy

I am also helping with an unusually large school program for the museum this month, called the Texian Time Machine. Normally the Museum runs separately from the ranch. However, when there are big events or unexpected problems, staff will help at the other site. I already worked on the Texian Time Machine once this month, when I ran the land grants rotation. Due to a last minute volunteer cancellation, I am also doing the same program tomorrow, except this time I will be doing the school rotation.

IMG_2339 copy


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