Chicago History Museum

The staff of the Chicago History Museum often references the challenges of  working in a medium or even small institution. Naturally, this is all relative, because to me, this place seems huge! I’ve been working in the education department, which alone has 5 full-time staff members (and 4 interns currently). It sounds crazy to have an ed staff that big, but when you look at the amount of programming that is done, it is very impressive that it is only 5 people!

(Here’s a picture of the building from the outside…and that is probably not even half of it.)download

I’m working in the public programs side of the department (as opposed to school programs). I love how many walking, running, biking, and bus tours that the museum does–it is really a presence IN the city. One of my biggest projects this summer will be to revise and update all of the tour scripts. Researching and writing, while learning more about Chicago? Sounds great to me!

I will also be in charge of a week-long family fun festival that we will be having in Millennium Park. This is a big project, and it is left almost solely to myself and one other intern. We’re in charge of everything from designing craft templates to scheduling volunteer shifts. We’re expecting 600 visitors to our tent…every day! Designing craft projects that are strongly linked to history and the museum seems the most daunting right now…I’m not very crafty!

It’s exciting to be working with an institution I feel proud of and doing work I know is important.