Workshops, Tours and Research: Early Days of an Internship

I am interning at the Molly Brown House Museum in the Education department.


When I first arrived I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with the house and the educational programs that it offers. I also spent time getting to know the story of Margaret Tobin Brown. While the real story of her life is very different from the popular legend about “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” in many ways she is a more remarkable individual than legend would lead you to believe. A highly educated woman and an activist, Mrs. Brown did far more in her life than become wealthy and survive the sinking of the Titanic.

Soon after I arrived here I attended an evaluation workshop. This summer I will be working on evaluating programs and this workshop helped to prepare me for the task and refresh my past experience. I started the first of these evaluations today; it involved pre and post tour surveys in order to determine expectations versus experience.

Once I had settled in and started to understand the story of Margaret Brown better I began working on my main internship project, an educational program about the different places where she traveled and the cultures of these places. While the list of her travels is extensive it is not comprehensive, as it is likely there are places she traveled that I have not yet found records for.


My work space mid-list

The next step was researching these places; as part of this I am also trying to track down travel writings of Margaret Brown’s. This is proving difficult as in most cases I only have the article titles and not the dates or publishing newspapers. The information about these articles come from a book on her life Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myth by Kristen Iversen. Unfortunately, the copies that she accessed appear to have been in a privately held scrapbook and she stated that the publishing information was not included.

Despite these problems I was able to find a online copy of her experience on the Titanic and most of the article she wrote about her first trip to India. This piece was in a newspaper clipping file at the Denver Public Library. The article is mostly complete, but a piece of the paper was torn off and the publishing information was not attached. There were some pencil markings that may help find the whole article.

At this point my research mainly consists of focusing on the cultures in the countries she visited and trying to learn about them before deciding how to teach them to children.

In addition to research I have also been observing tours and educational programs to prepare for when I am running them myself.

These next few months are likely to be busy and hopefully full of more finds in unexpected places.