On to Appomattox!


I grew up with a love for studying the Civil War and was able to focus my studies on the Civil War during my undergraduate years at Gettysburg College. After taking a brief respite during the last year during my graduate studies, I am returning to the field of Civil War study this summer. I have procured an internship as a second year interpretation seasonal park ranger at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. I am ecstatic to be returning to a park that I have grown fond of over the last few years!

I am excited to bring the knowledge I learned over the past year to benefit a park that deserves the best I can give it. Although I will be returning for my third summer at the park, I return with new ideas, an increased understanding of how and when to use different styles of interpretation, and the benefit of already knowing the people and places I’ll be working with, alleviating the awkward “what is expected of me” period. I will also experience the park at different times of the year than I am previously accustomed to by staying on at the site for six months rather than the three months I have previously stayed.

This experience will have its drawbacks though. I don’t get to meet as many new people, or experience a new place like most of my classmates. There will be certain expectations put on me because I have already worked at my place of internship. Accepting this position also means that I will not be able to move in with my husband right after our wedding in May since his job keeps him in a different city. Despite it all though, I am up for a challenge and I can’t wait to put my new knowledge into practice!